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Q. Does Professor David do cosmetic surgery?

A. Yes - of the head and neck.

Q. Is Professor David going to retire soon?

A. Not in the foreseeable future.

Q. Doesn't Professor David only see patients with "serious" medical conditions?

A. Professor David is more than happy to see ALL patients who want to see him for treatment of conditions of the head and neck.  Every patient is important to us, regardless of the reason for their treatment.

Q. Is Professor David expensive?

A. Of course all things are relative, however Professor David endeavours to keep costs for medical procedures very low, with minimal, Private Health Insurance agreed gaps. We will keep you fully informed of the expected costs of treatment and never be afraid to ask.

Q.How long does it take to get an appointment?

A. This usually depends on whether Professor David is away conducting clinical visits, however, if he is in Adelaide at the time of making the appointment it will generally be arranged with 2 - 3 weeks.  If the condition or situation is urgent then appropriate arrangements will be made.

Q.How long is the wait in the "waiting room"?

A. Like all doctor's surgeries we endeavour to run to time - and mostly we do, however, Professor David works on the philosophy that all consultations run for the time required to be entirely thorough.  This does vary from patient to patient and can cause us to behind.  We encourage you to ring prior to your appointment time to see how we are running if you are concerned.

Q.How long is the wait for surgery?

A. This always depends on the type of surgery and the urgency.  If surgery is urgent, it will be arranged within an appropriate time frame.  If surgery is non-urgent, we try to fit in with your arrangements (managing holidays and time off school/work). 

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