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Professor David is committed to provide excellence in healthcare to the craniofacially deformed, via the provision of expert multi-disciplinary medical treatment to patients, providing support to their families and training medical and ancillary health care providers to do the same.

In order to provide this level of service we adhere to the

Six Principles of Program Delivery 

1 Care is provided by multidisciplinary teams.
Depending upon the condition, a range of professionals may be required to treat the physical, emotional, and societal needs of the patient. 
The presence of an entire team during assessment stages provides the opportunity to define comprehensive analysis and treatment strategies for the patient.

2 Care is protocol driven.
Processes for the delivery of all forms of care are defined and delivered according to best practice measures.

3 Care is longitudinal.
Age, healing and growth processes, and the stability of treatments demand a process of care that may require years of treatment.  Attempts at shortening those processes potentially lead to lifelong problems that can seriously affect the quality of life of the individual.

4 Strong supporting infrastructure.
Complex, longitudinal care requires secure financial and administrative support at institutional and community levels.

5 Competent professionals involved in ongoing education and training.
Caring for individuals with craniofacial conditions requires experience and high levels of skill.  It is imperative that properly qualified individuals are on the multidisciplinary team and that all team members are involved in ongoing education and training.

6 Research linked.
The provision of care should be linked to research exploring causes, treatment outcomes and strategies, and social welfare.

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