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also known as
"Nose Job"

Common Description

Rhinoplasty, strictly speaking means, surgery for reshaping the nose.

Medical Description

Reconstruction and/or repositioning of the bone, cartilage and/or soft tissues of the nose mostly by removing and repositioning elements but sometimes by adding bone and cartilage.


  • Cosmetic modification
  • Post-traumatic
  • Craniofacial deformity



Our Recommendation

Every patient is unique and every patient requires a unique plan to achieve their desired outcome.

The best way to achieve the outcome you desire is be completely open and honest in your consultation with Professor David about your expectations.

You should always think very carefully about your options before proceeding to surgery. Undergoing surgery is YOUR CHOICE, make sure you are comfortable with the explanations you have received, that you understand what you have been told and that you have a full appreciation of what to expect post-operatively.

DDMS Process and Procedure

The techniques used are specific to the individual and involve increasing and/or reducting elements of the nose. The details will be discussed with you when you see Professor David.

Pre-Op Preparation

Prior to proceeding to surgery Professor David will arrange for you to have photographs, x-rays and possibly meet with a social worker.

The x-rays are for assessing the existing bone structure. The photos are so there is a permanent record of your appearance prior to surgery and meeting the social worker is to ensure that you are making the decision to have surgery in the presence of a full appreciation of how the surgery will impact on you.

If you choose to proceed to surgery you should, as always, aim to lead a healthy life. Avoid excess alcohol consumption, do not smoke, make sure you disclose your full medical history and do not take anti-coagulants (blood thinners) like aspirin. If you require aspirin for other medical conditions you should discuss this with Professor David .

Post-Op Recovery

Depending on the surgery performed you are likely to have a plaster over your nasal bridge and "splints" inserted into your nostrils. These will be in place for approximately 7-10 days and will be removed when you see Professor David in the post operative period. You should NOT blow your nose post operatively. Some patients will require minor secondary touch-up surgery.


Q:  How long until I know what my nose is going to look like?
A:   You will have a good idea after 10 days but it takes at least 3 months for swelling etc to fully resolve.

Q:  How long do I need to have the plaster on?
A:   7-10 days

Q:  How long before I can return to my normal activities?
A:   10-14 days

Q:  Will I have black eyes?
A:   If bones operated on , yes for 10 days

Q:  Will it hurt?
A:   Pain is not a common feature, most don't, some people do, pain relief is given.

Advice for Carer's

Any surgery can be uncomfortable and we encourage carers to be supportive of patients in the post-operative period. Most importantly, the end result will not be evident until 3 -6 months have passed, so making judgements on the outcome should really be reserved until then.


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