Deformational Plagiocephaly

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also known as
Parallelogram Head, Occipital flattening

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Common Description

Flattened back of head, multiple causes - position in the pelvis, soft head due to prematurity, supine nursing position to prevent SIDS, tight neck muscles, spine abnormalities. Generally improves itself, is not due to fused sutures of the skull however early diagnosis to exclude craniosynostosis is necessary.

Medical Description

Deformational plagiocephaly (as above).


  • Flat back of head
  • Asymmetrical ear position

Before - at 2 months old

After - at 8 months

Our Recommendation

Early assessment to exclude sutural fusion, tight neck muscles, spinal anomalies then conservative management.

DDMS Process and Procedure

Early consultation with a craniofacial surgeon, plain x-rays to confirm the presence of skull sutures, management proceeds from these findings.


Q:  Will it get better on its own?
A:   In most cases yes. Residual deformity, if any, is minimal and hidden by hair.

Q:  Does my child need an operation?
A:   For pure deformational plagiocephaly - no.

Q:  Does my child need a "helmet" or "band"?
A:   Professor David does not advise this or use this management.

Advice for Carer's

Please find Ruby's story attached, which has been generously provided by her parents.


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