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Small Mandible - Before Treatment

Common Description

Deformities of the jaw are many and have multiple origins. They can be congenital, inherited, a conseque of trauma or be part of a medical Syndrome.

Medical Description


  • Long Maxilla
  • When the upper jaw is longer than usual smiling will expose more of the upper gum line than is usual, this is known as"gummy" smile.
  • Macrogenia - defined as a large chin out of proportion to a person's facial features.
  • Macrognathia - the lower jaw is underdeveloped and makes the mandible and chin appear recessed.
  • Malocclusion - describes improper alignment of the teeth in relation to the first molars.
  • Microgenia- an abnormally small chin out of proportion to a persons facial features. This is seen quite commonly and can cause what is a normal nose to appear abnormally large.
  • Micrognathia - when the lower jaw is underdevleoped and results in a small mandible and chin.
  • Short Maxilla - the upper jaw is short and the upper teeth do not show.

Our Recommendation

Protocol management by a multi-disciplinary craniofacial team.

DDMS Process and Procedure

Abnormalities of the jaw are treated by a combination of orthodontics and surgery.

Professor David, has developed a protocol, in conjunction with the Australian Craniofacial Unit, that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. This treatment extends from birth until early adulthood when full development is complete.


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