Treacher Collins Syndrome

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Common Description

In Treacher Collins Syndrome most facial bones are small giving the face its very characteristic appearance.

Medical Description


  • Skull is essentially normal but the ridges above the eyes may be underdeveloped
  • Eyes have antimongoloid slant often with defects in the outer portions of the lower lids
  • Cheek bones are underdeveloped or can be completely absent
  • Lower jaw is small and angled downwards
  • Ears are frequently abnormal in size, shape and position
  • Ear canal can be missing and hearing is often impaired due to fused or missing middle ear bones

Our Recommendation

Protocol management by a multidisciplinary craniofacial team.

DDMS Process and Procedure

Professor David, has developed a protocol, in conjunction with the Australian Craniofacial Unit, that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. This treatment extends from birth until early adulthood when full development is complete.


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