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Common Description

Dermoid cysts usually consist of a cyst containing a varient of secretions or tissue elements from hair follicles and are commonly found in the head and neck region and also in the floor of the mouth. They are normally detected in childhood.

Medical Description

Dermoid cysts are thought to be derived from tissue debris being encapsulated at normal tissue junctons sites during embryological develoment.


  • Painless swelling mobile or fixed
  • Found in the skin of the forehead (especially the supraorbital or midline)
  • Midline at the lowest portion of the nose (columella)
  • Can extend from the facial skin backwards into the nasal septum or into the space near the brain.

Our Recommendation

Full management by a Craniofacial team is required, especially in cases where the dermoid has extended into facial cavities and when the dermoid has related craniofacial deformity. It is common therefore to have an MRI or CT performed to establish the full extent of the lesion.

DDMS Process and Procedure

Excision of the dermoid at surgery is recommended and it is necessary to remove the entire dermoid intact to avoid recurrence. Secondary reconstructive surgery may be required and this should be discussed at consultation.

The procedure for the removal of the dermoid will depend on its location and the extent to which it has infiltrated other the underlying structures.

Pre-Op Preparation

Team assessment, CT scan, photographs, planning meeting.

Post-Op Recovery

Follow up appointments and assessment will be required well into teen age.


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