Fibrous Dysplasia

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Common Description

An abnormal mass in the facial region that consists of immature woven bone.If in multiple bones throughout the body called Albright syndrome.

Medical Description

The mass formed by fibrous dysplasia resutls from a development anomaly of the bone forming substance. Rather than normal bone being produced in that particular area an abnormal form of fibrous connective tissue is generated.


  • Monostotic fibrous dysplasia - affects only one bone
  • Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia - affects many bones
  • Any bone of the skull my be affected
  • The masses are usually benign
  • More common in females
  • Usually present in late childhood or early adolescence,said to stop growing when growth is complete--may not be true!

Our Recommendation

Protocol management by a craniofacial team from time of diagnosis throughout life. This is because, although fibrous dysplasia masses progress slowly they can affect any bone/s of the skull and can affect vital areas such as the optic nerve, middle ear structures etc.

DDMS Process and Procedure

Multidisciplinary craniofacial assessment, surgery for symptoms and malformation.


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